Key Contacts

Contact Name Designation Contact Number
SureshKumar Shetkar MP 9013180082
Kista Reddy Patlola MLA 9440418613
Apparao shetkar Sarpanch 9440005896
Sai Baba MPDO 8978779737
Laxman Rao MRO 9000902313
Bheem Singh MEO 9447162278
Manik Chowhan Dy.EE (Housing) 7799721351
Jiapal Dy.EE (PR) 7702300623
Srinivas Rao A.E.(PR) 7702300625
Manik Rao Dy.EE (RWS) 8008502088
Saeer Hussain A.E (RWS) 9440947462
Bal Reddy S.I 9440901832
Nandishwar Reddy C.I 9440627013
Ravinder Reddy AD (APCPDCL) 9440813649
Narayana A.E (APCPDCL) 9440813671
Jamuna Suoervisor(CDS) 8096845690
Sailoo APM (IKP) 8008555630
Srinivas AGRIL.Officer 8096696359
T.Srinivas Sub Treusery 9951602634

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