Indira Kranthi Patakam(IKP)

The activities of DWCRA and Velugu were integrated under a programme called Indira Kranti Patham. The basic objective of this integration is to implement various programmes for strengthening of self-help Groups with similar implementation strategy. The new scheme Indira Kranti Patham had been designed by clubbing Women Empowerment with Poverty Alleviation.

Indira Kranti Patham (IKP) is a statewide poverty reduction project to enable the rural poor to improve their livelihoods and quality of life through their own organizations. It aims to cover all the rural poor households in the state with a special focus on the 30 lakh poorest of the poor households. It is implemented by Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), Dept of Rural Development, Govt of AP. SERP is an autonomous society registered under the Societies Act, and implements the project through District Rural Development Agencies (DRDAs) at the District level. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is the Chairperson of the Society. IKP builds on more than a decade long, statewide rural women’s self-help movement. The focus is on deepening the process, providing an institutional structure and developing a framework for sustaining it for comprehensive poverty eradication. It is the single largest poverty reduction project in South Asia.

Grouops in Naryankhed

Area Name Title Number
Marwardi Galli Suguna President 8186978226
  Vijaya Laxmi Secretary 8096377607
  Sharifa Treauserer  
Indira Colony Shakunthala President 8186978209
  Nagamma Secretary  
  Kamalamma Treauserer  
Mangalpet Laxmi President 8186978225
  Rajamani Secretary  
Nehru Nagar Khaja Bee President 8186978229
  narsamma Secretary  
Shivaji Nagar ChandraKala President 8186979015
  Shusheela Secretary  
  Shaheda Begum Treauserer

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